Is history repeating itself? Bolsheviks’ invasion of Warsaw 1920 – Russia’s invasion of Kyiv 2022

Üritus on läbi, vaata / The event has passed, watch:

22.09.2022, Pikk 11, Tallinn

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tallinn and the Fraternity Rotalia are organising a conference to commemorate the 1920 Battle of Warsaw and also draw parallels with the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The aim of the conference is to raise awareness of the importance of the Battle of Warsaw for the development of democracy in Estonia and in Europe as a whole between the two World Wars. The whole event serves the goal of deepening the friendship, common interests and defense capability of the Estonian and Polish people.

September 22 is a national holiday in Estonia, celebrating resistance to the occupying forces. Also known as the Government Day of Otto Tief, it honours the attempt of the Estonian Prime Minister Otto Tief to restore Estonian independence in 1944. Otto Tief was one of the founding members of Fraternity Rotalia.


Moderator of the day: cand. PhD hist., Kristjan Oad, korp! Rotalia

  • 9:30 Arriving and coffee
  • 10:00 Opening Words, Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Tallinn, Mr. Grzegorz Kozłowski


  • 10:10 Mobilisation in Poland 1920, the Miracle of Vistula, prof. dr. Żurawski vel Grajewski
  • 10:40 The Battle of Warsaw in Estonian Media, the Importance of the Battle for the Baltic States, mag. hist. Kaur Lillipuu, corp! Rotalia
  • 11:00 Fraternities in the Polish – Russian War 1920-1921, mag. Mr. Aleksander Rostocki corp! Hermesia
  • 11:20 The Operational-Tactical Lessons of the Continuation Wars of World War I on the Example of Eastern Europe, mag. mil. Major Rauno Viitmann, corp! Rotalia
  • 11:50 Estonian-Polish Relations in the Early 1920s, mag. hist. Lauri Kann
  • 12:15 Lunch


  • 13:00 NATO after the Madrid Summit, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Poland to the NATO, Ambassador Tomasz Szatkowski
  • 13:20 How to Strengthen Territorial Defence: Example of Poland, Brigadier-General. Maciej Klisz, Deputy Commander of the Territorial Defence Forces of Poland
  • 13:50 Estonian-Polish Territorial Defence Cooperation, Brigadier-General Riho Ühtegi, the Commander of the Estonian Defence League
  • 14:20 Round Table discussion: Enhancing eastern flank of NATO, Ambassador Tomasz Szatkowski, brig.-gen. Ühtegi, brig.-gen. Klisz
  • 15:30 Final Words