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Rotalia Fond

The Estonian people constitute a small nation, who were capable of fighting for their freedom and independence in the beginning of the 20th century. This was possible because there existed a sizeable group of Estonian-minded intellectuals. This intelligentsia had developed because of the single-minded desire of Estonians to provide their children the best education possible up to the university level, financial difficulties notwithstanding. The development and preservation of the Estonian nation-state in the 21st century, however, will only be possible with an educated Estonia. This will be guaranteed by the talented students and teachers within Estonian universities.


The „SA Rotalia Fond" is a foundation established by the Alumni Association of the Estonian Student Fraternity „Rotalia". The primary goal of this foundation is to provide financial support to various activities associated with Rotalia, such as academic scholarships, travel grants to enhance personal contacts between members in different countries and grants to support Rotalia's activities such as publications, libraries, archives, conferences and sporting events.


The foundation's activities are established and guided by its bylaws. Its Board of Directors is elected by an assembly of representatives from all of the worldwide chapters of Rotalia. They, in turn, appoint the executive council. The current endowment of the foundation is 3.1 million Estonian kroons (USD 300,000). The overall goal is to increase this to 10 million kroons (or USD 1 million) by Rotalia's 100th anniversary in the year 2013. In order to achieve this goal, the foundation seeks one time donations and regular monthly or yearly pledges. The foundation also encourages the members of Rotalia to include the foundation in their last will and testaments.


The foundation's endowment is managed by the investment company Danske Capital Inc, which is a part of the Danish Danske Bank Group. The investment strategy and ground-rules have been approved in an investment declaration document. All donations to the foundation will be added to the endowment fund, whose capital is untouchable. All distributions will be made from generated profits only.


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